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The relationship with the therapist should feel safe, comfortable and trusting. I will give you regular feedback, so you can assess your progress and ask for feedback.

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At Jax Beatty Psychotherapy, I bring extensive training and years of experience as a fully qualified psychotherapist. Specializing in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), I am also an addiction specialist with training in various other interventions. I support individuals facing a wide range of issues, leveraging my expertise to create positive outcomes. My approach is dedicated to addressing various aspects of the human condition, fostering a compassionate and effective therapeutic experience.

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Through various techniques and approaches, psychotherapy can help you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, ultimately fostering personal growth, coping skills, and improved well-being.Helping you to be the best version of yourself!

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I'm Jax Beatty, and I understand the unique needs of small companies. That's why I offer myself as the solution with my "Nurture Your Staff" service—an intimate, affordable option designed to make great savings in the long run.


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Our eldest was referred by our GP as they needed help immediately In the run up to A levels. Jax was able to help them process their grief and anger and enable them to move forwards to the exams. A few years later, our youngest suffered an acute psychotic event and was suicidal. One of the most terrifying things we've ever had to deal with as parents- and without Jax'sexpertise in the acute phase, I don't know what we'd have done. A year on, things are very different and we're so grateful

For many years I have struggled with bouts of deep depression and broken relationships. At a very deep low in late 2019 I finally chose to do something positive and address it, rather than battle through with work, drink and being downcast.  I, as a middle aged professional man, had for too long been too proud and skeptical of  of psychotherapy and concerned over privacy and confidentiality.  On meeting Jax she put me those concerns went away and over a number of sessions she opened my mind and she cleared it.  I cannot thank her enough.  She is excellent, professional, skilful and personable.  I have had a few wobbles since but she has been there to speak to.  I did i wish I had gone to see her many years ago.  I cannot not recommend her therapy highly enough.

I was under the care of Jax for some weeks, with intensive therapy.I had always thought that my life was "normal", I had always thought that my problems were less than some others.It was with her help, that I had to understand the legacy of my childhood,and topical circumstances, how it had effected my life. Her approach is done with enormous kindness and understanding, and despite the tears, she has a great sense of humour, which makes the emotional journey easier. She also understands the effect of mental illness on the family and offers support there.To use the phrase "She saved my life", sounds over the top. But in this case the words are said with a hand on my heart., and will never forget her,..her gentle approach, combined with a stubbornness to drag everything out., with a determination to help.  I had gone through other therapists "like water". Jax was the first one, whom really understood, didn't judge ,and approached my personal problems with professionalism, understanding and empathy. A true thank you, to a woman, whom made me see life in a positive way.

I was a patient of Jax’s for five weeks in June of 2011 whist a resident of Clouds House. This was my fourth such attempt to achieve sobriety and my condition was such that it was probably my last chance, coming out of yet another hospital detox. She saw through the façade, the excuses and the lies and allowed me to see beyond the person I was to the person I could become.Through a mix of encouragement, coaching and sometimes tough love, Jax gave me hope and an insight into who I really was and I began to see potential and the life I’d always wanted but never able to achieve was possible. Now, it’s over five and a half years since my last drink which was on the day I was admitted to hospital.I believe that this lady saved my life, this is not dramatic language, but a simple fact. I now run my own company, people can and do depend on me, I’m there for my family, my partner and for AA and I will never forget the massive contribution she made to the life I live today

Jax helped me through my depression, anxiety and BED. Immediately I felt very comfortable talking to her. She really listened and helped me understand parts of myself that I didn't acknowledge; which was important for me dealing with internalized anger. She listened and gave me tools to cope with certain situations or bad feelings. She gave me more and more confidence each week that I could overcome my problems. My sessions with Jax were honestly critical for me. I had just about given up and quit university, but with her support I returned to university and I am very grateful for that. She gave me so much support and she is just genuinely a nice person to talk to

My brother was in need of help that we could not give him. I was instantly reassured by Jax and felt from very early on that she totally got the situation and understood all our emotions not just my brothers. Her totally non judgemental, positive and straight forward attitude allowed my brother and our family to open up to her and start on the road to helping my brother into recovery.It was lovely to see how much Jax genuinely cared and wanted to help, she used her skills very wisely and appropriately to explore issues and find solutions. Over and above everyone else my brother has been in contact with Jax was able to give hope and understanding and left a lasting impression.

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